Faculty Initiated Drop

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Use this form to drop a student for non-attendance in the first week of instruction.

Faculty electing to drop a student for non-attendance should do so by Wednesday in the second week of instruction (11:59 p.m. PST on January 24, 2024), to allow the student time to add another course before the add/drop deadline (end of second week of instruction, January 29, 2024.

Any student dropped by the instructor during this period will be notified of the action by an e-mail from the Registrar.  A student who wishes to be reenrolled in a course from which they have been dropped must receive a permission number from the instructor and reenroll in the course.

The Faculty-Initiated Drop is primarily designed to create seat availability for students wishing to enroll during the add/drop period, especially in classes that are at capacity or over-capacity. It is not used to manage class enrollment during the term. If a student ceases participation in your course, please see Withdrawal Unauthorized for grade assignment information.

See the student Withdrawal Process for additional information.