CEEGE Degree Program Payment Plan Contract

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This payment plan is intended for students admitted and enrolled in Summer Programs through Extended Education and Global Engagements for summer 2021.

This contract is subject to the following provision:

  1. The total course fees for the session will be divided into three equal payments.

  2. A service fee will not be charged at this time.

  3. Reminder notices for the monthly installments will not be sent to students. Payment of each installment will be the responsibility of the student whose signature appears on the contract.

  4. All prior term fees must be paid in full prior to executing this agreement.

  5. If the amount due changes after the date this agreement is signed as a result of adding or dropping units, the new amount due will be adjusted over the remaining payments.

  6. If the student is a financial aid recipient, any outstanding fee obligation on the account will be paid from the financial aid award and any remaining aid will be refunded.

  7. By signing this contract you have assumed the financial responsibility of all tuition and fees for this term. Any adjustments to these fees will only occur if you drop or withdraw from the university during the designated drop period. Please see our website for additional information.

  8. Failure to meet any of the installment due dates will result in the University withholding services including a financial hold being placed on the student’s account, collection efforts initiated, as well as any other legal remedy available to the University.