June 18, 2021 Students U-Notices Archive

1) Support the Vertebrate Museum's Herpetology Collection!

Support reptile and amphibian specimen maintenance
in the Vertebrate Museum by
contributing to our fundraiser at the link here:
Allison W Bronson
Biological Sciences

2) L4HSU is Underway, Time to Submit Your Proposal!

L4HSU continues--this week, a total of 40
folks participated in sessions on art, gardening,
critical race theory, & whiteness accountability.
LifeLong Learning Lounge (L4HSU)

3) Art Remedy Time

Spend 15 minutes outside playing with art!
You've got it, just start creating. All folks are
welcome to attend & learn from each other:
Facilitated by Julie Artemov

4) Fun uses of Google Maps (6/23 at 1pm)

Finding new and cool favorite places is getting
easier with google maps and reviews. Learn about
opportunities to support students and businesses:
Facilitated by Cyril Oberlander

5) Whiteness Accountability Space: Processing Emotions and Moving to Anti-Racist Action

All are welcome to these sessions to provide space
for White folks to process feelings around police
brutality, anti-blackness, & systemic racism:
This is the 37th week of the session, we encourage people to join as often as they can, there is no expectation that anyone should attend every week or even more than once.
Facilitators: Meridith Oram, Tim Miller, Loren Collins, Len Wolff, Chuck Powell

6) Garden Hour - Ask a UC Master Gardener

Do you have a plant question? Our panel of
UC Master Gardeners are here to help you.
Have your questions answered live (series below):
Facilitated by a panel of UC Master Gardeners (University of California Cooperative Extension Master Gardeners

7) Explore the Dance and Music of Egypt (July 6th, 12pm)

Learn about Egyptian social, regional, & art music
dance styles from Cairo to Luxor to Aswan. We will
listen to music, watch some fun videos & dance!
Facilitated by Shoshanna Anthony, Faculty, Dance Studies Program, HSU
Two more dates to be scheduled soon!

8) Historic Eureka Chinatown Tour (Virtual - July 7th, 12pm)

Join us for a virtual Tour of the site of Eureka's
Historic Chinatown, featuring historic images of
the area, information on Chinese immigrants & more
Facilitated by Katie Buesch, Curator and Executive Director, Clarke Historical Museum

9) Demystifying Meditation (July 15th, 2pm)

Curious about meditation but don't know where to
start? Join this workshop to gain understanding of
meditation basics & resiliency. All can join:
Facilitated by Sasha Wallace and Nancy Olson

10) Bias and Welcoming Spaces Mapping and Reporting App for Humboldt County: A Preview and Community Involvement (July 21, 6pm)

Provides a demonstration of an app so folks can
map and narrative instances of harm related to
their identities as well as spaces they feel safe.
Facilitated by Jennifer Eichstedt, Sociology Department, HSU, Christian Boyd, HSU Alumni, Chryste Johnson, Medical Social Worker, Sharrone Blanck, President of Eureka NAACP

11) Conflict Resolution 101- Building your Conflict Resolution Skills (Jul. 27 & Aug. 10th, 12pm)

This workshop series is an opportunity to build on
& learn new skills to make conflict &communication
positive & productive in aspects of our lives:
Facilitated by Kara Hunter, Yolo Conflict Resolution Center

12) Challenge & Play: Theater games for racial understanding and equity (Aug. 11, 12 & 13, 10am)

Participants will learn about antiracist and
equitable topics surrounding white supremacy &
dominant cultures Play carefully constructed games
Facilitated by Mo Harper-Desir & Lexxi Reid

13) Previewing the Tokyo Summer Olympics

Tuesday June 29th @ 12pm time for Olympics trivia!
Come to learn more in this overview of the Tokyo
Olympics. The XXXII Olympiad is weeks away:
Facilitated by Garrett Purchio