Information Technology (IT) Acquisition Review (ITAR)

Humboldt is committed to using accessible and secure resources and tools. Chancellor's Office policy requires that we acquire Information Technology (IT) products that meet Section 508 accessibility requirements and store our data securely. Accessibility barriers create unequal opportunities and risks if anyone (student, faculty, staff, the public) is unable to use them.

Purchasing Compliance Approval (PCA) is required when you’re acquiring or renewing any technology (both maintenance and contract renewals) that people will interact with (even if it’s free) unless it’s on the pre-approved list. This includes everything from computers to videos, web content, and telecommunications products.

Please Note:

Completing the PCA process

  1. If your item is on the pre-approved list, please proceed with your acquisition.
  2. For all other items, complete and submit the PCA form. (The requestor should be the person who can answer questions about the technology being reviewed.)
  3. Behind the scenes:
    • Accessibility reviews are completed by the Accessible Technology Team.
    • Security reviews are completed by the Information Security Team.
    • Hardware reviews are completed by the Desktop Support Team.
  4. Watch for questions via email; these must be answered for the review to proceed.
  5. You’ll be notified via email once the review process is complete. If approved, please include quotes and any other documentation from the review when submitting your purchase order to Contracts & Procurement. If your PCA is denied, we’ll work with you to find an alternate solution.

The amount of time the review takes will depend on the complexity of the acquisition.  

Questions or feedback? Submit a Technology Help Desk ticket.