Technology Purchasing Compliance Pre-approved List

Pre-approved technology equipment

Pre-approved technology equipment and accessories listed below can be purchased using a ProCard in CSUBuy

If you need computer device (desktop/laptop/tablet/printer) purchasing guidance, please refer to the Computer & Printer Purchasing for Staff & Faculty page before requesting a quote and moving ahead with your purchase to help you determine which product will meet your needs. Most devices are available for purchase with an educational  discount directly from Dell (Windows PC) and CDWG( Apple/Macintosh).  ITS will provide a quote from one of our approved vendors as well as purchasing process guidance, if needed.

For sustainability purposes, ITS strives to meet the University's goal of purchasing equipment that is Energy Star and/or Electronic Products Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) rated by providing the pre-approved list of equipment and accessories below, where applicable.

Computer Accessories, Equipment, and Supplies

All of these items are available, for discounted prices, on CSUBuy.  Click on the link, log in with your Humboldt credentials, and search for your product either on the main CSUBuy page or in the “tile” or “punchout” for a particular vendor (e.g. Amazon, Dell, CDWG, SHI). CSUBUY access is available to all faculty and staff via myHumboldt, and to request ProCard purchasing access in CSUBUY, please contact Contracts & Procurement at CSUBUY purchase requests can also be routed to your department’s ProCard holder within CSUBUY. Not finding what you need?  Please submit a Technology Help Desk ticket, so we can help you find the right equipment. 

Please Note:

  • Any associated maintenance agreements must be sent to for review prior to purchase.
  • If you need technology purchasing guidance or assistance with configuring your equipment when it arrives, please contact the Technology Help Desk.
  • If you need assistance with ergonomics issues, please contact Risk Management and Safety.
  • If you have questions about the CSUBuy Marketplace itself, please visit the CSUBuy info page or contact Procurement at x3512 or

Supported Pre-Approved Technology

The following specific products may be purchased without additional ITS approval.  If the department is interested in purchasing products in these categories OTHER than the products listed, ITS approval is required through the submission of an ITAR. If you are not sure that you need to submit an ITAR, please submit a Help Desk ticket for guidance. 

  • Document Camera - Epson ELPDC21
  • Dell Monitors - Dell monitors can be purchased directly from the CSUBuy Dell punchout/tile - P2422H (24”) and P2722H (27”) are the most common sized monitors in labs and offices.
  • Scanners - Fujitsu ScanSnap iX1500

Pre-Approved Categories

Products in any of the below categories may be purchased without additional ITS approval.

  • Adapters/Cables (except network patch cables) - ITS can provide adapter and cable-compatible recommendations.  ITS can provide network patch cables to departments.
  • Batteries - except those associated with a laptop or UPS. ITS can provide a quote for a laptop replacement battery or UPS.
  • Cameras and video cameras - excluding video conferencing cameras.
  • Clickers - clickers and laser pointers - recommend Logitech products.
  • Computer Speakers - wired and Bluetooth.
  • Digital voice recorders
  • DVD players - external optical drives used for CD and DVD playback/recording.
  • Headphones and headsets - we recommend Logitech products with noise-canceling mic, and Dell noise-canceling headsets/speakerphones.
  • Keyboards - wired and wireless including ergonomic keyboards.
  • Mice/Trackballs/Track pads - wired and wireless, including ergonomic options.
  • Microphones - stand-alone microphones such as Shure and Blue Yeti, both wired and wireless.
  • PA Systems - power amplified speaker systems for larger events.
  • Toner cartridges - recommend HP genuine toner for HP printers and extended-life products.
  • SD cards for cameras - must not store non-image data.
  • Televisions - Smart and Interactive TVs available from Dell punchout/tile and other vendors in CSUBuy.
  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) - recommend APC battery backups or UPS with Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) - e.g. BR1350MS.
  • USB hubs - for additional USB and USB-C ports
  • Webcams - we recommend Logitech C930c and Dell 2K/4K webcams.


At this time, no software titles have been pre-approved. All software purchases must be reviewed by ITS and Contracts and Procurement. Please submit an ITAR to request review and approval for new software licenses, renewals, and maintenance agreements.

Web applications and cloud services

Pre-approved campus standard cloud technology should be used whenever possible. The cloud computing services listed below have been pre-approved: